Friday, February 8, 2008

Downloads for Feb

Here are this month's downloads:

This month's lunations: February 2008 Full and New Moon Charts.

This month's calendar: February 2008 Monthly Calendar with Daily Planetary Aspects.

This month's planetary highlights: February 2008 Aspects and Stregnths.

This month's Astrological Day Planner pages: February 2008 Day Planner pages.

This month's Almanac page: February 2008 Lunar Almanac, with MoonDates.

This month's Planetary Hours: February 2008 Planetary Hours for CST.

The Greek Pagan Lunar Calendar with Gods and Moon Phases listed.

The Greek Pagan Lunar Dates with Orphic Hymns for each day.

The Greek Daily Prayer and Meditation Guide.

Planetary Stations for 2008.

As above, so below!

Rev. Claudia Iuliania Minervina, Hiereia and Astrologer

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