Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Annular Solar Eclipse of Feb. 6th

1 Anthesterion, 2784

Today is the first day of Anthesterion and is dedicated to Apollo and the Muses. This noumenia is not only a new moon, it is part of an annular solar eclipse which is visible from New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Antarctica. The annular phase runs from 03:19:43 to 04:30:55 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)... but this is not useful for those who live in North, Central or South America, as it will be night.

The effects of the eclipse are still with those of us who live on the other side of Ge however, and we should be attentive to what those forces are, and how we should act so that we can be in harmony with them. Because this day is associated with Apollo, the God of oracles and prophecies, it might help to see if a modern oracle has anything to say about what this eclipse could mean.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree that today's eclipse occurs in is, "An ominous silence falls, as the last man at a masquerade prepares to unmask. Outside , a thunderstorm is brewing." This could accurately describe the current social and political climate in the US. Our leader, George W. Bush has often been described as being in a bubble; for the past eight years, America has been participating in a grand masquerade ball. Bush is shielded from the consequences of his actions by Dick Cheney and other members of the cabinet... but the leaders are no longer able to keep the masquerade going. The economy is failing, soldiers returning home are having to sleep under bridges and are denied adequate mental and physical health care, more and more Americans are losing their jobs, every day families become homeless because of the loan crisis and more - this is the thunderstorm that is brewing. It cannot be ignored any more...

The good thing is that this eclipse is occuring in the sign of Aquarius - a sign that denotes change, evolution, progress, the tearing down of the old and useless, building up and restoration, the pouring out of information and knowledge from the Gods for all of humanity to use, and the desire to bring about changes by seeing old circumstances and conditions in new and exciting ways. The energy and vibes that surround Aquarius are often termed "electrifying" - they are known to infuse new energy and intellectual capacity into an endeavour... which is what we need in the US at this time.

Now let's look at some specific aspects of this eclipse:
If you notice, not only are Apollo and Artemis in conjunction, but Hermes is also very close to the twins! This means that not only will this solar eclipse have the usual effect on our minds and emotions - it will also affect our commuication and interaction. This is especially important to current affairs in the United States as we are entering the primary season... yesterday saw gains for Obama and Clinton as well as McCain, Huckabee, Romney, and Paul. Both parties' candidates are defining their campaigns interms of the new ideas and changes that they will bring to Washington DC if they are elected. This is very auspicious, as they are acting in harmony with the message that the Gods are sending us - at least in their words. It is our job over the next days and weeks to see that their actions are in accord with what they are saying on the campaign trail! I will follow this and give updates of who is acting in a manner pleasing to the Gods, and who (Gods forbid!) is acting against the Gods or with hubris.

Poseidon, the watery God of the Seas, stands only four degrees away from the Twins and Hermes... he adds to the watery, emotional, and intellectual nature of this eclipse. Poseidon is at home in the sign of Aquarius, as water is his element, and Aquarius is a watery air sign - it is the stellar manifestation of Ganymede the cupbearer of Zeus who pours out cleansing waters. It is important to also remember Poseidon's title of "Earth Shaker" - as he is the God who not only rules the waters, he also rules earthquake, tsunamis, and other sorts of upheaval. As I stated earlier, this eclipse states that we as humans should be listening to what the Gods are telling us, and we MUST begin to make changes - or we will face dire consequences as a result of our actions.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned about today's eclipse is that Kronos, the deposed God of time who now lives in the Elysian Fields where he rules over the blessed dead, stands in Virgo. Kronos is directly opposite Uranus in Pisces; this shows that currently our karma is in conflict with us getting rid of old life patterns that are dissolving. In other words, we as a nation and people are trying to hold onto things that are outmoded - which is bringing us into conflict with the very nature of time and change itself. The way that we are relating to the environment could be symbolised by this pairing... we are still thinking and acting like a nation from the Age of Empires or the Industrial Revolution. We need to recognise that we are entering a new period where we can no longer consume most of the resources of the world while expecting there to be no cultural, political, or environmental consequences.

The US is currently occupying another nation in an attempt to build a puppet government and to exploit natural resources (that are non-renewable) - which is failing miserably. The Iraq War can be seen in this eclipse in that Ares is seven degrees away from being conjunct the Nadir and opposite Pluto - who is conjunct the MidHeaven. Right now, Ares is at the lowest point in the chart - in other words, he is farthest from the light and he is standing opposite Dis Pluto. There has been too much death and destruction in Iraq, and this indicates that it will only get worse. Until we bring our troops home, there will be daily IED attacks and suicide bombings, killing more and more men and women. Because Ares is at the Nadir, his very darkest characteristics - brutality, insanity, whining, deceit, hatred, torture and sadism will be evident in the news we get from Iraq, with no hope of improving - despite the propaganda that the MSM and Bush Administration keep putting out.

This eclipse serves as a lesson and warning to those who are students of Astrology and worshippers of the Olympians; let us meditate upon it tonight and over the next few days so that we may integrate its message into your thoughts and actions.

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