Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tonight's Caucus

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I just got home from the Democratic Caucus for my precinct; it was an awesome, inspiring evening. There were 61 adults (and many children of all ages) at the caucus, 17 of whom supported Clinton and the rest (44) were for Obama! Clinton recieved two of eight delegates to the state convention and Obama recieved six delegates. When it came time for each of the individuals to speak up and state why we should vote for them as delegate to the state convention - there were some very emotional and inspiring speeches.

I am so excited that people of all races and ethnicites can come out and have such a direct effect on our political system. I had become very despondent and jaded about the political system here in the US - but tonight has restored my faith. I know that come November, we the people will take the White House once again, and our eight year dictatorship will be over!

Before heading to the caucus tonight, I decided to make a chart for the caucus I would be attending tonight... and what I saw absolutely shocked me. Tonight's caucus enforced what the Gods were telling us on the previous two eclipses.... tonight's energy and emotion are a direct manifestation of the TLE in Virgo (see my blog entries for last month's eclipses to learn more) and the earlier Annular Solar Eclipse (ASE) in Aquarius. This is the beginning of the changes that are going to sweep our nation in the months and years to come.

Looking at the above chart, it is important to notice the patterns in the chart, and most of all, look at the aspect table. There are 17 conjunctions occuring! All except two of the planets and luminaries are contained within the South Eastern quadrant... the remaining two are within the North West quadrant. This is an interesting pattern of planets within the chart - without even considering the aspects (which I will discuss later) right away we notice that there is a substantial grouping of planets in Pisces and Aquarius. Standing opposite them is Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Virgo. I am going to list the Sabian Symbols for each planet, then highlight some of the more important aspects in this blog entry - and then tomorrow I will make another entry explaining further insight I gain through my dreams and meditation.

Jupiter leads the parade of the Olympians beginning at 13 Virgo 03. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is "An Aristocratic Family Tree".

Moon is at 04 Aqu 57 - "A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing Thee Efforts Of A Young Leader"

Fortuna is at 12 Aqu 29 - "A Barometer"

Mercury is at 17 Aqu 27 - "A Man's Secret Motives Are Being Publicly Unmasked" ( Bush )

Chiron is at 18 Aqu 07 - "A Forest Fire Is Being Subdued By The Use Of Water, Chemicals And Sheer Muscular Energy"

Venus is at 19 Aqu 50 - "A Large White Dove Bearing A Message" (End to the War?)

Neptune is at 00 Pis 05 - "In A Crowded Marketplace Farmers And Middlemen Display A Great Variety Of Products"

North Node is at 05 Pis 15 - "A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress "

Sun is at 21 Pis 53 - "A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai"

Neptune is at 25 Pis 56 - "Watching The Very Thin Moon Crescent Appearing At Sunset, Different People Realize That The Time Has Come To Go Ahead With Their Different Projects"

Ascendant is at 29 Pis 35 - "A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It".

Mars is at 26 Gem 56 - "A Gypsy Emerging From The Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is Encamped"

Midpoint (between Mars and Saturn) is at 12 Leo 12 - "An Old Sea Captain Rocking Himself On The Porch Of His Cottage"

Saturn is at 05 Vir 31 - "A Merry-Go-Round"

Midheaven is at 25 Sag 26 - "A Flag Bearer In A Battle"

Vertex is at 27 Vir 35 - "A Baldheaded Man Who Has Seized Power"

East Point is at 02 Ari 09 - "A Comedian Reveals Human Nature"

Important Aspects

Saturn and Mars are trine each other and both are inconjunct the Moon. This formation is what is called in Karmic Astrology the Yod formation. There is also a Mystical Rectangle formed between Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury/Chiron/Venus (the last three are conjunct each other) representing the elements of air, earth, fire, and water respectively (based upon the signs that each planet is in). The clumping of the Olympians is so strong that the bracketing planets form semi-square aspects (45 degree angle) to each other. This is significant.

I will present more about what I feel this chart means for the election, our country and the world tomorrow.

Peace and Be Well!

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