Sunday, April 6, 2008

2nd Mounykhion

Moon in Aries: Today Selene and Demeter are in the zodia of Aries, which means that we need to be aware of what they are telling us. The Moon in Aries has the positive effects of allowing us to experience, according to which topos - or house - Aries occupies in our birth charts, strong emotional responses, the ability to react and respond to stimiuli and events, and the ability to change behaviour and habit patterns. The negative effects of The Moon in Ares are that we may be more impatient and irritable than usual - as our feelings and emotions are in danger of being affected by Ares, the God of Conflicts and Struggle.

Today it is important to identify when we want to be short or irritable with others, and then try to temper that with the kindness and understanding of Selene and Demeter. This mindfullness will help us to use the creative energies of this aspect between the Gods to our advantage.

Venus in Pisces: Let's learn what this powerful combination of Planet and Zodia means for us in light of Hellenic Paganism and Astrology; this placement encourages us to be loving and sympathetic to those around us. When Aphrodite is found in Pisces, she encourages us to do or make something artistic, musical, or otherwise creative. This is a time when we can call upon the Goddess, and the Muses along with her, to help us give birth to acts of art, beauty, creativity, and unconditional love. Venus in Pisces is a time in which we are called to serve others and to provide inspiration to those who need comforting and encouragement.

Venus in Pisces can have some negative effects however, and we must be on the guard against these excesses: seeking egotistical or narcissistic ends in serving others - as in helping others merely to recieve kudos or accolades, seeking to find spiritual comfort and fulfillment through merely physical or romantic relationships, self-deceiving ourselves in our relationships (not just romantic, but all relationships!), self-pitying, and a feeling of "poor me" during this aspect. People who have personality disorders are apt to be particularly unbalanced and/or neurotic during Venus in Pisces, as it is a particularly powerful Zodia for the Goddess to inhabit.

Venus in Pisces is square Pluto Retrograde in Sagittarius: This aspect, even though it is a square or quartile, is a good one for us as Hellenic Pagans to learn from. Modern astrology has given some aspects, such as squares and oppositions, a bad wrap. Let's review the properties of squares in Hellenic thought before we discuss the properties of this particular aspect.


  • the planets involved are separated by three zodia and topoi (or 90 degrees)
  • the planets involved share the same modality, but have different elements and polarity
  • this aspect represents the Platonic form of the square

This means that Aphrodite in Pisces is in a Zodia that is feminine, fruitful, flexible (also called common), of short ascention (in the Northern Hemisphere), watery, and serving. This is in full harmony with the nature of Aphrodite, and allows her to express herself fully, without conflict or restraint. Pluto in Sagittarius is also in a Zodia that is especially compatable with his nature - his Zodia is masculine, fruitful (a powerful placement for Chthonian dieties), reproductive, flexible, of long ascention (in the Northern Hemisphere), fiery, energetic, bicorporeal and ambitious.

This is a good aspect - despite how "modern astrologers" view it, as both Gods involved are acting comfortably within their respective Zodia while complementing each other in terms of elements and polarity. This aspect is the Gods' way of telling us that we are entering a time when we can all work together to effect change in cultural and religious awareness, social justice issues, and public policy.

From the Gods' places in the skies to our lives!

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